Aron Govil, a noted industrial leader, also backs Bollywood Movies and top music

Aron Govil

October 6, 2021

Aron Govil, a noted industrial leader, also backs Bollywood Movies and top music

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, — What’s next when a chemical engineer and CEO of a noted international engineering and construction conglomerate is looking for a new challenge?

For Aron Govil, the answer was found in the song and dance of Bollywood, the popular Indian cinema, which is one of the largest film industries in the world as it produces over 1000 films a year which is twice the number produced by Hollywood.  Aron Govil is the Chairman and CEO of the international Ducon Group and was previously named one of the 25 most influential Indians in North America by the Global Indian Organization. His forays into Bollywood film and music provided a new industry for the engineer to show his creative side.

Aron Govil’s background before Bollywood

For Aron Govil, hard work is a consistent companion. As the leader of Ducon Group, Govil is consistently overseeing the company’s efforts to secure power plant projects and supply equipment to Fortune 500 industrial corporations and utilities.

Globally, his companies work at a similar pace, providing industrial solutions to companies striving to improve emission standards at their facilities and executing other turn-key infrastructure projects. Ducon holds 30 technology patents and has completed over 30,000 projects worldwide.

With that track record, a new project is always on the horizon, and for Aron Govil, Bollywood was the next stop.

Bollywood provides growth opportunities through film and music

In 2008, Aron Govil Productions was behind the film Shoot on Sight, a film positively reviewed in both The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter for its efforts to depict the life of British Muslims in London after the 2005 transportation bombings in the city. His film was screened at several prominent film festivals including, the prestigious Cannes Film festival and the Dubai Film Festival. Shoot On Sight had a theatrical release in North America, Europe, and India and was also dubbed in many foreign languages for other countries.

For his next production, Aron Govil expanded his reach and directed the 2011 film U R My Jaan, a Bollywood romance launching the careers of Mikaal and Preeti. Based on the Julia Roberts and Richard Gere hit Pretty Woman, U R My Jaan was filled with the expected song and dance, and the original music was presented in an album distributed by Aron Govil Music. The music of the film became a hit and reached the top of the music charts in India and became extremely popular.

It is not surprising these efforts led to Aron Govil receiving numerous accolades from a publication recognizing the best examples of the Indian diaspora thriving globally. Among these was being named Person of the Year in 2013 by the Global Indian magazine.


What’s next for Aron Govil?

While Bollywood is on the back burner, Aron Govil says that he has another powerful script that he would like to make into a Hollywood international film when he has some free time in the near future.  Currently, he is staying very busy with several new projects in the Ducon group including writing his newly released book, A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump, in 2021.