Aron Govil, Ducon CEO, proves diversified holdings boost business

Aron Govil

October 6, 2021

Aron Govil, Ducon CEO, proves diversified holdings boost business

Aron Govil proves success can be multi-dimensional with forays in industry, entertainment, and publishing.

Successful CEOs are often pictured as extremely focused on one area of study or one discipline, but for Aron Govil, diversity is the key to long-term success.

Govil is at the helm of the successful business group, Ducon Technologies Inc. an international conglomerate focused on supplying other industrial and energy providers worldwide with technological solutions, but he maintains an active interest in pursuits outside this industry.

Aron Govil and diversified investments at Ducon

Ducon holds over 30 technology patents and has completed over 30,000 projects globally.

For example, During the desert storm combat, Ducon developed an innovative device that was installed inside US tanks to remove dust particles causing breathing trouble to soldiers inside the tanks in the hot desert. Another Ducon company developed a new technology to safely destroy leaking fuel and other toxic chemicals from stockpiles of minuteman missiles in the underground silos, stored for years during the cold war years and which were never used. Recently, FGD orders from several utilities and a lead smelter and production company in India, saw Ducon provide various FGD systems and particulate control systems designed to comply with the latest government emission standards.

Beyond this project, Ducon aggressively focuses on growth by bidding on larger FGD projects, including power plant size and industrial scale.
In 2013, Global Indian Magazine recognized Aron Govil as the Person of the Year due, in part, to the enormous success of Ducon. At the time, the enterprise employed a workforce of approximately 550 and experienced $480 million in annual turnover.

Aron Govil looks beyond traditional industries

Another component of Aron Govil’s success and recognition in 2013 was a foray into Bollywood with the production of two successful film credits under Aron Govil Productions and financing of many others.

His first production, Shoot on Sight, received positive reviews in The New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter while a second production U R My Jaan, provided a Bollywood take on Pretty Woman had super hit music in radio music charts across India.

Aron Govil also directed U R My Jaan while maintaining a strict focus on the requisite songs and music. These were later released on the Aron Govil Music label.

As Ducon continues to bid and acquire new projects, the Bollywood foray and the leadership and management skills acquired in producing have helped Aron Govil stay focused on growth and new opportunities.

His most recent was the publication of an in-depth examination of the Trump presidency in the book, A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump. Released in April 2021, the volume is available for purchase on Amazon.

With the book, Aron Govil establishes new passions and areas of study and growth arrive at any point in life or success. Pursuing them to a full conclusion, such as the production of a movie or the publication of a book, sets a framework for future accomplishments and achievements in the chosen field and beyond. Based on this, the future for Ducon Group looks bright.