Entrepreneur Aron Govil Launches First Book: A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump

Aron Govil

September 16, 2021

Aron Govil

Aron Govil, Chairman & CEO of Ducon Group, has announced the launch of his first book, “A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump.” The book was written under his pen name “Arun Govil. The book focuses on the political IQ of American voters and why he believes many U.S. residents have developed a sheep mentality. The book is just the latest accomplishment by Govil, who was named one of the “Top 25 Global Indians Transforming the World.” In 2013, Govil was named “Person of the Year” by Global Indian magazine. He possesses numerous other awards for his business acumen and accomplishments.

Aron Govil has his hand in numerous business and entertainment ventures as well as keeping his finger on the pulse of financial markets. Govil came to America when he was 13 from his home in India. He is a serial entrepreneur, is a strong educational background as well as a creative filmmaker. One has to wonder when he had the time to write his first book.

He tackles these issues and concerns in some detail in his new book. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, the book raises some interesting questions about our voting public, their knowledge of those running for political office, and the impact choosing the wrong leader can have on our nation.

Aron Govil’s Book Focuses on Lack of Knowledge from U.S. Voters:

A Nation of Sheep Will Believe a Trump takes a long hard look at the 2020 elections. He delves into both the republican and democratic parties and raises many questions. He talks about the impact social media and the news media have on the way Americans vote. With social media becoming more and more impactful, is it swaying voters?

The book provides insight into our political climate, how it may change from the way we knew it, and the effect our elected officials will have on our ever-changing political landscape.

Aron Govil, a True Entrepreneur:

While Govil has provided his strong business skills leading Ducon Group to success, he has delved into many other ventures. Aron Govil made an impressive name for himself by producing, directing, and writing movies geared to the Indian population. Some highly-recognized works include U R My Jaan, Shoot on Sight, and Robber’s Roost.

His companies have secured over 30 patents for various industrial technologies and products and have successfully completed over 40,000 industrial projects across the globe. He earned a degree as a Chemical Engineer and uses that background to invest and develop products that reduce the impact on the earth’s natural resources and promote positive effects on the environment.

Why Did Aron Govil Decide to Write a Book?

Govil said he never thought he would write a book and is thrilled that he has been able to put his patriotic thoughts on paper. He said the purpose of the book was to build a dialog to advance in society and politics. He said he wanted to write an informative book that would open peoples’ eyes to the political world we live in today.